Orange wine is the new kid on the block. Whether it is bringing a bottle over for an afternoon picnic or a dinner invite, this amber coloured liquid is setting palates on fire. Hip bars and restaurants are witnessing a rising demand for orange wines almost at par with its traditional red and white counterparts.

However, the general populace while aware of this trend is not very clear on what orange wine really is. This is basically the knowledge gap that we at blog site http://www.princeoforangewines.com.au seek to fill. Our team of bloggers and researchers are passionate about orange wine and go to great lengths to bring to you a lowdown of its many facets.

At our blog site you will get news, information and other interesting facets of orange wine. Here is a snapshot of what can be expected from our site.

We will provide insights into the making process of orange wines, how it tastes and what it should be taken with. For example, few know that the making of orange wine is a revival of old wine making ways. For white wines, the skin is pressed and taken out immediately while for red wine the skin is allowed to be in touch with the juice a little longer. When the skin is allowed to be in the juice for an extended period of time, the wine turns into an orange hue. This is often not known to lovers of orange wine. This and many more insights can be had at our blog site http://www.princeoforangewines.com.au.

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